day one. I guess.

by Yajpqex 3 years ago in letters from a ghost

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Before I actually begin, let's get one thing squared away first.

I'm a ghost.

Yeah, in basic terms.

I don't know what I'm doing here or if I even understand what constitutes a "blog" outside of what the local news sites use, but hey. Here I am. Another anonymous personality, another persistent presence with a penchant for alternating alliterations and many, many useless skills. Did you know that I can eat paper? ... Yeah. Exactly.

Like I said, completely and utterly useless. Besides, what kind of hackers still use paper, anyway?

Okay, sorry. That was more off-topic than I'd imagined. I... I might ramble a little. I tend to do that, sometimes. Usually when I've spent too long indoors and start to get stir-crazy. You know, loopy. Claustrophobic, even. Pale as a vampire from staring at a terminal screen for far too long. And a developing hatred for garlic that's probably totally maybe possibly unrelated.

Moving on, I've decided that this space is where I'm gonna keep track of my random pretend-hacker-thoughts... because I am a pretend hacker, and at least a partially pretend personality, and definitely a pretend person. I'm probably actually a bunch of apparitions in a trench coat wearing those Paper Thin Disguise glasses. Yeah. Yeah, that's me. Imagining my true appearance is an exercise in futility, I promise you.

Whoa-oh, okay. This definitely-a-pretend-hacker's gotta leave. Something's going on in the Grid and I wanna check it out. From a purely re-con standpoint, of course. Observation only, no interfering... right... yeah. Well. Here goes.

See you on the other side, blog.

*** Atlas GH

[Disclaimer: I'm actually just a bored writer who wants to take an occasional break from life. And look what random medium I've discovered! An 8,888 character limit blog in a hollywood-hacker's universe with a very (very) quiet forum system. And quite a few inactive nodes, as far as I can see. ... Oh, man, Thorau, what have you gotten yourself into, this time.]

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