Returning to The Secret Republic

by lusterless 3 years ago in Hand'n Out Code

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Ah, it is good to be back!

I joined The Secret Republic (TSR) long, long ago and thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Sadly, the game went down a few years back and I resigned myself to other games. But after a bout of curiosity, I Googled the game to happily see it back online - and with a whole new look too!

When I played the last version of TSR, I had two personal missions:

First - I would be the highest ranked player in the game. I actually did this one and then some, with my guild and I leveling up well into the hundreds.

Second - I would write guides to help other players (particularly new ones) quickly level up and really get into the game.

I'm hoping to achieve both of these goals again in this new incarnation of TSR. So good luck to all, and know that I'll be coming for those who are at the top of the ladder!

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