So, I've just recently created my first account on this site.
It seems interesting so far, and I'm excited to progress in my position on this game.
So, I'll be covering a brief on myself...
?W?h?o? ?a?m? ?I?
Well, I'm Zeraphine, but many call me Zera (as it is my name in real life). Why the name 'Zeraphine'? Needless to say, it begins with Zera. But also - to be honest - adding the "-phine" at the end sounds somewhat interesting from my perspective. For example, let's say one day I became a leader of a faction... Having the name Zeraphine be the head of the faction would look pleasing.
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Next, Do I have any personal goals?
Indeed I do. I'm personally very competitive, and I intend to be well known throughout the majority of this game.
Many people have aspirations like this in many games, but the difference between me and them is, I do what ever it takes to succeed.
Next, What do I like to do with my spare time?
Good question... I am a gamer of course, but, I like scripting my own games. The program I have the most experience with is called "Lua".
Lua is based closely off of another computer language, which was designed to be able to run on even small devices, and devices with limited abilities, i.e. limited RAM, low-end processors, poor bandwidth, etc. (maybe even mobile).
I've also practiced using the Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, JavaScript, and HTML. Although, admittedly I'm not as experienced using those as I am using LuaScript.
I'm a senior in High School, and I plan to attend Yale.
As an adult, I plan to join a career in programming.
That is a quick summary about me, and I will continue with any further ideas and/or findings in the next blog.

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