Day Sixteen

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(Two irl days after the &amp;amp;quot;Day Fifteen&amp;amp;quot; post)&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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I logged on to find some of my software missing. Instantly, I searched my logs to see who the culprits were. None of the people had changed their IPs at the time of the attack, so I was able to gain some experience from them. None of them had installed my stuff, though, so I wasn&amp;amp;#039;t able to get it back. I had to get stuff from the Organization&amp;amp;#039;s warehouse. It&amp;amp;#039;s good to see a few new players are lurking around now. Maybe there will be a bit of a challenge. I&amp;amp;#039;m looking forward to the challenges ahead. It&amp;amp;#039;s always good to see a site thrive, especially one such as this.&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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Post-Note: And remember, children, don&amp;amp;#039;t let this be your FinalProxy.

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