The life of an Eagle Scout hacker

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Do not read I tried to delete but it didnt work.

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Working at it

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I have decided to set boundaries. When I am at the casino this is what I will do. If I am below 1000 then I will go until I am above 1500 then I will stop gambling for a while. If I am below 2000 but above 1000 then I will go to 2500 and then stop gambling for a while. If I am above 2000 I will gamble as much as I want unless I go under 2000 at which point I will stop. I hope these rules help me. It also helps that I have the strange ability of premonition so that I can sometimes get a feeling of whether or not I will lose the next time and it is oddly correct quite often.


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There is a reason why I never gamble with real money. I don't know when to quit. I had about $200 from cyber crimes. Gambled some and managed to get over $1000. Gambled more and with some effort was almost at $10000. I didn't stop however and instead continued gambling. I fell from over $9000 down to less than $100. Let this be a lesson to all. Sometimes enough is enough.
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