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Please help the game locks up and i get 500 internal server error when trying to buy from shop or tryong to access the missions menu. This error has made the game impossible to play and im sad.
Yeah, me2. Trying to buy stuff from shop: Internal Server Error 500
Me too. I try to buy stuff from shop, I get Internal Server Error 500.
I got the same problem, funny that this thread is two weeks old now...

But i wish you all a happy new year, which might be 2016, I don't know exactly.
so i have this problem too. has no one figured out how to fix it..
New user here also, stuck with an error 500 when trying to buy server components.
I'm a new user, having trouble buying new server parts ==> internal 500 server error !!!!
So, we're close to 3 weeks since this post started. Still no fix? Admins are you there? Any ETA?
Guess what.

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i just realized i cant prop peoples comments. props to the last one then
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