"Speedy Gonzalez" Mission

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Cardinal, i think you should put i bit more time... almost impossible to complete.
Also i got busted by the trace and i was doing everything right(no unnecessary pings or nmaps) so yeah....
i think right NOW is impossible to complete.

Or i'm wrong i don't know, all i know is that i worked really hard trying to complete that mission.


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I made that mission, Cardinal had nothing to do with it :-) And you can lower your trace by entering a certain command ;-)

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Which is explained in the CS missions. In the bounce/ddos one :D. Not at fault here!
Yes i know :P but its too Fast!!!

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Hence why it's called Speedy Gonzalez :-)
But is NOT Speedy Gonzalez is Fucking FLASH GORDON xD

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I've balanced the mission a lot better now, I added more time and made sure the trace level wont get too high.
Still, it's a VERY hard mission I wont deny that! The only thing that I will change about this mission is; I will make sure that the mission can only be played by level 7 players in the future.
But for now I will still allow level 4 players to be capable of playing it.
My goal with this mission was to create a very difficult and complicated mission because I feel that not every mission could/should be 5 IP's long and only have simple objectives.
Anyway I hope you enjoy it cause it took me 3 days to write it/test it/time balance it/trace level balance it/and then to get rid of the bugs.

I will give you guys just one hint, make sure to remove the logs on every ssh you come across and make sure that removing logs becomes your second nature in the future.
(removing logs doesnt work on sql's so please dont report that as a bug)


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It is possible but it doesn't take a good while lol, nice riddles in there though :P

Is there a reason, why I'm unable to see the mission?

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can't resolve hostnames except one of the IP in the sql list. that is not a bug is it ?
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