100 Alpha Coins prize for the BEST organization Public Intro

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Hello organization managers,

This is a call to all organizations. We are going to reward the (active, e.g. more than level 1) members of each organization with up to 100 Alpha Coins each depending on how awesome your public organization intro is.

Be it thanks to colors, ASCI art, both or any other tricks you can think of, we are going to look at every and each entry.

We promise we're going to reward each organization which enters the competition (as long as it is obvious you worked at least a bit hard to build up a nice intro).

To register for the competition simply write the name of your organization as a reply to this post and you're set to go.

This competition ends at the end of the month. Rewards will be sent on the 1st of June.

Do you think you're organization has what it takes to be recognised as the coolest hacking cluster on the grid? Time to prove it once and for all.

Herders Of Angry Cats
Computer Utilities and Networking Technicians

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Awesome poster, Computer Utilities and Networking Technicians! Going to post that on the Facebook page soon.

And Herders Of Angry Cats, I think I read yours quite a number of times. We hack it!
Metasploit - Totally knew I could do this >.>

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USB Connection :D

Member of USB Connection

I will try xD

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"No public intro set!" does not impress me yet!
Hey um I thought the contest was to be concluded on June 1st.... Was there a winner?
hack hack and hack
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