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Hello hackers,

No, the game is not dead, quite many are playing and joining in.

But I am too busy right now to fix and add new things.

However, expect great things from the future (even if the future I am talking about might be a year from now when I am planning a funding session to support our game and bring it to the next level at which it deserves to be).

Following this post many of you might want to offer to help and I am grateful for that. Feel free to use the contact button at the bottom to show your support, we'd love to hear your feedback and support, we can use that to prove the concept of the game is worth it and push the development forward.

Till we meet again,

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The games concept is amazing, when actually working as intended and beyond. Considering the limited advertising and diverse gameplay, the game is active "as is" but it definitely has potential to become a lot greater.

I only think the missions are drawn out at times and with the skill system not in play it's a bit tedious to do, aside from that I'm looking forward to seeing the game as it progresses.
Hello Apoc :)

I have arrived at the same conclusions about missions. Yes , I do love a challenge , but some missions need to be short and simple.

I will , be launching a series of missions which will focus on helping new players understand the game , improve their ability to solve puzzles and earn some cash/exp.

Any advice regarding it is welcome ;) Or you can press the support button or message me.


Hello :)
I am new to this game. This game really looks interesting. But I think there are very very fewer people playing this game sadly :/

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Can't Play Any MISSION!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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was getting the array string as well over the weekend but has fixed itself now

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Problem fixed, the world can now rest.
Please don't kill this game, this game is amazing
just need marketing improvement to improve the users
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không thể nào mua được phần cứng
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