Not dead!

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NOT DEAD 2016! Rise Up!

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This is 9 months old, it seems dead.
The game is definitely worth saving, and although I can't offer any help, some people can, and having a bug report email that doesn't exist should be fixed. That would help.
Ok I'm new to the game and the school is not functioning properly it says it's started yet didn't load how can you get players without your training system not functioning properly just wondering
My email address is [email protected] plZ help me get started or direct me to a hot fix it patch
Hello People :D

Just want to add this game is WORTH saving and definately NOT dead. Unfortunately this game has only ONE dev. And A few Other members, me being one of them. I assure you, the following days i will work on addressing the mission bugs And then work on new missions. Further information from MY SIDE will be posted on this forum.

Thank you all for your support, We appreciate it.
I am trying doing this stuff easy I'm trying my best
Where are you going we can't do now you can't be copied wake up the hacker I am wake up the hacker
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