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1st of all thank you for coming to our ORGANISATION. We are very happy to have you here. I want only 1 thing from you and it is Loyalty. You must obey the "ORGANISATION LAW"

Law 1. Always Be nice to your Parents. Specially Your Mother.
Law 2. Never give the Server IP to any one ever, not outsider nor Insider.
Law 3. Don't leave the ORGANISATION.
Law 4. Don't share your or any other ORGANISATION member's IP with anyone outside.
Law 5. Don't hack any ORGANISATION member intentionally.
Law 6. Always be nice to others inside or outside The ORGANISATION.
Law 7. Always Be nice to your Parents.
Law 8. Call other players to join the ORGANISATION.
Law 11. Be Nice to your parents, Specially your Mother.
And now you can have everything that I have. We have a facebook page, go there and call your friends.


organization founded 3 years ago
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